A lot has happened since my mission call and It's been a wonderful adventure. Somehow it has already dwindled down to my last week before I enter the MTC! I'm very excited to finally be off, it's been a long time coming! This past week has been spent watching movies, spending time with family and packing packing packing! It's a miracle that somehow the majority of my closet was able to fit into 2 1/2 suitcases! I don't know how they expect me to pack 18 months worth of clothes into 2 suitcases plus everything else, but with a little bit of faith it all worked out! I get to spend my last couple of days in Provo visiting friends and family before my parents kick me to the curb Wednesday! I've had my mission call for 115 days and now it's 3 days away, I couldn't be more nervous but I couldn't be more excited either to finally be a missionary and teach people about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! 

Sister Goldthorpe

        Sister Goldthorpe

    I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and have been called to be a missionary in the Vancouver, Canada mission. 
    (Jan '14 - July '15)

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    Sister Goldthorpe
    Canada Vancouver Mission
    8440 Williams Rd
    Richmond, BC  V7A 1G6


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